The Burn Cycle Project uses a cross-discipline approach to produce dynamic content serving multiple audiences.  We work symbiotically with partner organizations, which are both sources and recipients of new content.  Our clients vary from research, fire safety, news, and public exhibits organizations.


SERI Fire Team 

In 2014 Ethan Turpin began collaborating on the SERI Fire research team based at UCSB's Bren School for Environmental Science and Management to produce public-facing exhibits.  In 2015 the team received National Science Foundation support on a 4-year research project modeling fire’s role in natural systems coupled with public influences on fire management. 


Tague Lab

Using a collaborative computer model, Tague Lab specializes in the design and application of environmental information systems.  Burn Cycle’s Ethan Turpin and David Gordon receive data outputs to create visualizations for public engagement.  Our projects seek to increase understanding of our environment as a dynamic system where forces such as fire, water,vegetation, and climate interact and human actions play an increasingly important role.


US Forest Service - Region 5 

Burn Cycle works with members of the USFS Fire Behavior Assesment Team and USFS video producer Ian Grob to gather video from within active fire.  In 2017 the US Forest Service’s Pacific Southwest Region AudioVisual Program commissioned Burn Cycle to produce immersive exhibits near its Bay Area headquarters.  Jonathan PJ Smith of The Environment Makers joined Ethan Turpin in building the “Walk Into Wildfire” video experience.